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Our Campus Mission  is to provide innovative programs that help children, families, and employers work together to be their very best.


Little Mustard Seed (LMS) is a learning center that has over 17 years of experience providing quality after-school care and enrichment programs to serve the needs of Cupertino families. Our mission is to stimulate our students’ academic, social, and emotional development by providing a safe and comfortable environment where they are encouraged to aspire to become well-rounded individuals. 


In addition to the after-school care and support we provide to our students, we offer a supplemental academic enrichment program to complement the education our students currently receive at school. Our experienced teachers provide tutoring and homework assistance, as well as classroom instruction in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Math. Creative teaching methods demonstrate to our students that learning is an enjoyable and rewarding experience, subsequently fostering a lifelong love and pursuit of education. Our programs are carefully crafted to ensure that our students are equipped with the necessary tools to excel academically while concurrently developing customary social values including respect, caring, and integrity.

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